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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The nasty divorce of Thierry Henry and Claire Merry

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French superstriker Thierry Henry, is preparing himself to fight a nasty divorce battle since telling his ex-wife Claire Merry not to expect cash from him.

Indeed, Merry, Henry's ex-wife, was a former model. She has asked for $20 million in her divorce. Thierry Henry has warned her to expect a tough battle in court.

As we know, Claire Merry, 27, was granted a divorce from Thierry Henry, 30, in September 2007. She discovered raunchy phone text messages in his phone. She also learnt that the popular footballer dated Sadie Hewlett, a makeup artist.

We must consider that Merry and Henry were married for 4 years and have a daughter, Tea Henry. Merry has said that she would take Henry to the cleaners, to get as much money as possible.

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