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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Henry, Woods and Federer are the new image of Gillette

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Pretty soon we will see Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer together in TV spots. Indeed, they made a deal with Gillette to be the image of their new advertisement campaigne..

This strategy - combining star power in golf, tennis and football - was announced after the Dubai Desert Classic in which Woods finished two strokes behind winner Henrik Stenson.

Gillette corporation executives declined to say how much the athletes will be paid. Woods already endorses an array of products, and last year renewed his deal with Nike that will pay him about $30 million a year.

In fact, Chip Bergh, Gillette's president of global grooming, said his company selected the three not just because of their success in sports and marketing, but because each embodies "true sporting values" and was a great example off the field.

It's good to mention that Tiger Woods, Federer and Henry posed for photographers with shaving cream, something Woods doesn't have to use all that often.

"Actually, I started shaving a little late. My stubble didn't quite grow in," said Woods, his face red from a sandstorm earlier in the day. "My dad showed me how to do it and I tried to do it just like him. I got foam all over the place."

Thierry Henry, the Frenchman who stars for Arsenal in the English Premier League, said he admired Woods and Federer but had trouble watching golf.

"I would stay up really late to see Tiger Woods play," Henry admitted. "Sometimes, I have to be honest, I did fall asleep."


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I love your commercial. Love u.

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