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Friday, August 18, 2006

Henry is confident to win a title with Arsenal

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Arsenal star Thierry Henry says he has no regrets over remaining at the Gunners and feels that his team have the talent in their ranks to achieve the titles they're fighting for.

We must remember that the French striker signed a new long-term deal with Arsenal this summer, after agonising over his future in North London for the best part of a year.

"I admitted that if I did wait that long leaving was maybe on my mind but you have to understand and be in my position, when you go out there it was so difficult to leave. It's just that I love the club." Henry expressed.

In fact, Chelsea have held sway in The Premiership for the last two seasons and Henry has great respect for The Blues, but he is looking for Arsenal to mount a stiff challenge this term.

"We have to do what we can to catch them," he believes. "People link Chelsea with money, but they have won the league back to back because they are a really good team.

"It's important to notice that they play well as a team, they fight for each other."