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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Arsenal eliminate Juventus and reach semifinals

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Thierry Henry was elated at the end of the game. He gave a big hug to Ljungberg, and felt glad that he didn't leave Arsenal for this season. His team finished 0-0 with Juventus and moved to the semifinals of the Champions League for the first time in history.

Despite the bad position in the Premier League, Wenger's team proved they have composure and communication. A squad full of new talents, got the best achievement. The quarter-finalists, boasting the youngest average age, were also displaying the most maturity.

Juventus struggled all the game but Arsenal kept control of the midfield, with Fabregas and Ljungberg always precise and strong. And Thierry Henry was the best manager of the game, playing at a great level.

"Tonight we played in a restricted way," Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger claims. "We didn't play with freedom when we had the ball, but we were in control, and that's the most important thing."