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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Critics over French coach

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France is seriosly in danger after their 1-1 draw with South Korea, and everybody is throwing critics on the coach and the team for their performance in the World Cup.

Even Arsenal coach, Arsène Wenger, who has criticised France manager Raymond Domenech over his tactics on deploying Thierry Henry as a lone striker.

In fact, Wenger stated: "I feel sorry for Thierry because he was left isolated as a lone striker and did not get enough help."

"I know that Thierry can play that role and has done it to good effect, but if the squad is not playing well and you do not get service it is impossible."

"I still believe France will go through by beating Togo but they have to find the right team and formation right now."

"They look like a squad which needs confidence and to believe in themselves because they have a lot of quality."


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