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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Henry is in Barcelona's Plans

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Spanish club FC. Barcelona have confirmed their interest in having french striker Thierry Henry in their squad for the next season. A senior official at the club stated Henry would complement the team. This comfirm the rumours around the possible operation in the last months.

"He is that kind of player who would improve our squad" said Barcelona sporting director Txiki Beguiristain.

"If he was to come then that would not mean Ronaldinho or Eto'o would have to leave - they could all play together."

Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard also praised Henry and admitted he would be a good signing.

"It looks bad if I say that he is a bad player because he isn't - he is a great player," said Rijkaard.

"That is not to say he is going to come to Barcelona, but he would be a great addition to the squad."


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